Our Story

As members of the human race, we define ourselves by our ability to face new challenges. Those are the moments we will remember. Moments we lived our potential, moments we aimed higher.

The dietary supplements industry is filled with companies that may have forgotten why they exist…people. Human beings don't take dietary supplements because they're fast-acting, long-lasting or all-in-one. We take supplements because we want to feel the best we can, to live longer and stronger lives. We don't accept that our greatest accomplishments are behind us, but that they lie before us. And in that same spirit we want products that haven’t given in because they’ve found the right mix of human effect and profitability. We want products that never give up on us facing those new challenges and let us live the potential.

Founded in 2006, Integrated Supplements embraced what we see as the responsibility our industry has to people. We made it our mission to redefine the expectations, education and quality of these products. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, safety, manufacturing process, taste, nutritive value and appearance of all of the products we produce. It is our goal to become the highest official benchmark in terms of product reliability and authenticity.

Before we could create products of a higher standard, we had to set new ones. Through this commitment to truly thoughtful product development and a simple approach to customer education, we introduced three incredible products: a revolutionary filtered whey protein, a first-in-class blended fiber and the world’s only 100% purified creatine. We completely redesigned these everyday products by partnering with only the best ingredient technology suppliers in the world, manufacturing all of our products in a NSF, GMP, FDA regulated, as well as Kosher and Halal certified facility and delivering a wonderful taste experience free of artificial ingredients.

You have the ability to create, inspire, to break barriers and defy boundaries, to shatter records and reach for the stars. Your greatest accomplishments are not behind you, they are before you. Your life is shaped by the choices you make.


Integrated Supplements exists to be a reflection of your best choices.